Sitecore and IE7

Woehoe! Microsoft hasfinally released a public beta of IE7 :). That good news! I always wait till the first public beta’s because they normally won’t ruin my just installed WinXP ;).
So today I’ve downloaded this new browser.. After a reboot I’m now playing with it. What I definitelly needed to know was: does Sitecore actually work :P?
Placed my webroot to the installation of and opened a new ‘tab’: localhost and Go! Waiting, waiting, waiting. Then an error… A new one actually:

Error in IE7

In the past versions of IE, the page did actually wait for the webserver. Now IE will finally close it’s connection when a client-side time-out occur.

After the initialisation of Sitecore did actually happen, it appeart the way it should appear:

How it looks in 7...

Some remarks about the client functionality:

    The headers in the chrome window wheren’t clickable the way they should be.
    Moving windows around causes quite high cpu-usage and works slowly
    Seems to be some problems with collapsing panels

As I’ve seen the stuff above I guess the on-Action attributes are still buggy… In any case they are definitelly changed.
I haven’t got time to fully test everything, so notthing is yet reported to Sitecore.
When you are looking for a full buglist of IE, check this link out.