Training: Not so bad afterall

Yesterday was a kind of second kick-off for a training program with as main goal that a team(read: 2) of engineers are able to create own websites in Sitecore. Or at leats are able to create, modify and delete parts of the current architecture which is created by LECTRIC.
Training people isn’t actually the most preferred activity for an engineer. As a matter of fact, that’s what I thought before yesterday.
Together with the two guys I was training we’ve created a MultiMediaLibrary in Sitecore on paper. ust on paper. Notthing else.
Before you start a training with such an exercise, you already have imagined what you actually are going to build. With a system like Sitecore I actually also create templates, (sub)layouts and master without even touching a paper. But yesterday my tought has to change dramatically, with the ideas of the other s it became just another module. And I actually let them go… This is the way to learn: cases like in every organisation.

We started as customers, and described what we actually want to have for the intranet. We even wrote down what we expect that it should do it the future and what the priorities are of these features.
Half an hour later:
After that we impersonalised ourselfs to a team of projectleaders. As projectleader we found out that our information wasn’t complete. We actually forgot lots of things(for example: how level deep can editors create albums with media items? and what about the first page how does this have to look?). We went back to our last chair and finished all the information we needed.
One hour later:
As a team of developer we created our own Sitecore architecture. We stayed at Templates and (sub)Layouts. Masters will be created next week.

A day like yesterday opens my eyes . No I actually can see how I normally make decisions. Even if those decisions are made to quick, without enough background information, etc. And because of we actually made these not totally restricted requirements, we actually evolved our own process. Next time our first step will be a lot more efficient.
Hoping next week we can go futher the way we started yesterday. And if this actually is working for those guys, I will consider to post the full training programm here on my blog.

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