The way from 5.0.6 to 5.1.1 – Part II

Four weeks of silence…

Yes I’m nearly ready with the upgrade. I received the upgraded and patched databases from our dear friends in the Ukraine.
I’ve nearly finished rewriting Sitecore code for the upgrade. As a matter of fact, it just was recompiling against the new DLLs and fix one problem:
– IDomain -> Domain (noticed in the Release Notes of 5.1 on SDN)

Actually we’ve upgraded to v5.1.1.8. Today I’m going to 5.1.19 before we go live. Sitecore sent me an email last friday that another one is coming within the net couple of days but when the fixes made in that versions won’t affect our installation, we actually will go live on that version.
One of the main disadvantages of 5.1.18 is actually lots of changes in the client. Now our customers have to get familiar with it again :(. We even have to do some hacks in the client so everything loks like they want to(I will post more about that today).

I’m actually ready to go to work now. Or at least to our customer, as I sit there intern…