Staging module, webfarms and security

I was thinking about the staging- module. Which is actually 90% of the time a perfect solution for ‘Sitecore-webfarms’. But actually everybody tought it is. Because it isn’t.
What’s the case? When you use the staging module to seperate 2 environments(LAN + DMZ) from each other. You actually also have to publish the Extranet-database!

Ofcourse you can make that one just read only. But that means you actually have to place a database on your production database-server everytime you update the Extranet-security. Guess that’s not what you want.
It could be possible that you use the staging module another way:
– Use Firebird as database for Extranet
– Set an upload folder in the staging-module-node to the place of the Firebird database
Actually, this is an ugly work-around. But I guess it does work. Only there are no system operators avilable which actually like this kind of fixes, and there right this time…

Guess I’ve to figure a better way out!