First experiences in .Net 2.0 with Sitecore 5.2

Last Friday I finally installed VS.Net 2005 Final version. Together with some of my collegues I’ve played a time with the new features like: partial classes, generics, nullable types, etc :).
On satuday I’ve been playing mostly with the generics, as they are, in my opinion, the biggest change and advantage of C# 2.0. I wrote a XML-generator which is able to deliver the XML-Feed from the guys of YourZine the right XML to subscribe, update, etc. Actually it ewasn’t so hard. I became ready within 2 hours.
Yesterday I started working on my first 5.2 site. Or at leats, find the best mdoe to work with Sitecore in .Net 2.0. After one hour of struggling with the builtin webserver, I’ve decided to use the good friendly IIS again. Does anyone has suggestion how I can run any site as root on the builtin webserver? Without hacking the solution file ;).
About that, am I actualyl wrong or is it normal that I’m not able to find the project-file?
Right now I got an idea: why don’t create a project on /layouts/ and then set the output directory to ‘../bin/’ ;). As you see I definitelly look for suggestions :).
Come back to you soon.