First experiences with FireBird / 5.1.1

For a month of 2 or so, we didn’t start new SiteCore 5 problems.. I’m mean project ;). Too bad, you guess, but for us it means we just can finish the jobs for 2005. What also means that we can start all over with new versions, latest releases, in the start of 2006.
Couple of week ago I configured the latest 5.1.x.x release on my notebook. It was Beta. The main reason was that I’m quite interesting in FireBird and it’s preformence against the XML-Version of SC4 and ofcourse it’s preformence against our mainly preferred database: MS-SQL. The install was quite easy, and then I just had to replace the ‘.Sql(Server)’ part in FireBird. When you look a bit further, you’ll se that SiteCore distributes an web.firebird(FireBird enabled Web.config) with it’s distribution. But even without that, the installation(check SDN) went perfect.

Yesterday I’ve also installed this version on one of our staging-servers. Installed ‘Global Adventures’ and posted the link on on our intranet so it was public for everyone here. And guess what, even the boys from YourZine, you know PHP-Boys in the same company, where impressed!
Some quotes: “It actually does work in FireFox!”, “Wow, looks good, but what can I do with it?”
Or sysop had the funniest reaction: “What is SiteCore actually? I mean, can it be interesting for me? It is an OS isn’t it?”

Well that was everything about the internal reactions. Now about FireBird:
As a matter of fact, I’m highly impressed. The staging server which is serving the pages did even get a higher load after installing FireBird and running it. That was a good start-up :).
Just copied the files(including databases) from my notebook to the server and typed the internal url ‘sitecore511’ in my browser. Boooooom there was the site!
Without any prooblems, without crashing. Just there!

Now testing the DataProvider :).
The first thing what appaers when you just shutdown your FireBird is a nullpointer ‘The device cannot be null’. As a programmer I can image lot’s of devices except the database device. But it is a Beta so I don’t really care.
Then: adding, deletiong, trying to create delete and edit linked items, etc :). Ofcourse I know those features aren’t working yet but why am I not allowed to try ;).

After 20 yellow screens I quite… It seems to be better to test that kind of cruelty on a Stable release, not a Beta…
In Junari I’m going to write a stresstest for SiteCore 5 on the different databases and servers. Then we should be able to compare the databases and versions to each other.