HowTo start working on a Sheer UI

One of the main dificulties when you want to create your (first) Sheer UI is creating a good project.
With these steps you can make an easy, clear ‘workfloor’. Ofcourse you need to have Visual Studio installed(I’m talking about version 2003 now) and you should run a SiteCore 5 local :).

– Create a garbage folder on you desktop: for example ‘My First Garbage collecting folder’
– Now… Open Visual Studio
– File > New > Project
– Select ‘Empty Project’
– Give the project the namespace you want to use. That’s what I recommendate. I would use: Sitecore.Modules.Lectric.[ModuleName]
– Change the Location to the garbage folder on your desktop
– Now click ‘Ok’
– Close you Visual Studio now

– Browse to your Garbage folder and find the folder with the name of your project
– In another window, browse to your local installed Sitecore folder.
– Copy all files on the root of the project folder(in the Garbage folder) to your local installed Sitecore folder, but leave all subfolders untouched.
– Delete the garbage folder now including subfolders
– Now start the project again by doubleclicking on the project/solution file(*.vbproj/*.csproj/*.sln).

– Wait a minute, you’ve already done a lot. Take a cup of coffee ;). You are worth it!

– The only thing you have to do is changing some of the Project Properties. Todo that, just cloick right on the project and select ‘Properties’
– Change the name of the assembly and default namespace to the ones you want. My suggection: Keep them the same as each other. When you default namespace is Sitecore.Module.Lectric.AlexSheerUI, your dll should be Sitecore.Module.Lectric.AlexSheerUI.dll so you should always be able to find delete and manipulate it!
– Also don’t forget to select the default Output Type: Library
– Then select Configuration Properties.
– On the top of your screen next to the label Configuration select ‘Debug’ from the DropDownList. Change the ouput path to bin\
– Do the same as above for the Configuration ‘Release’.

Guess you are ready now to follow the tutorial on SDN: My First Sheer UI. Ofcourse you need to have access to SDN. Just contact your partner, as long as the partner isn’t on of the Dutch partners :P.

Oh yeah, I’ve got two last hints for you fooks!
1. When you use the CodeBeside, you have to inherit your class from the baseclass: Sitecore.Web.UI.Sheer.BaseForm
2. You can access your application directly outside of the client: http://[yourhost]/sitecore/shell/sitecore/content/Applications/[yourapplication].aspx

Soon more, as I’m currently heavy working on my first colelction of cool Sheer UI’s 😉