Media Library… cool if the files are also ‘cool’

One of our customers had a problem with it’s Media Library.
I figures out that some of the files weren’t fisically on the cms-server. So I’ve created a small script which makes it very easy for you to check out the server…
About the code, it isn’t my best code ever, but for only one and a half hour work it’s definitelly good enough :). There are lots of improvements which I want to make in the following 12 years:
– Reading the database from the website section in the web.config(the ones which are linked as content databases, for now it’s just web and master)
– Better solution for retrieving upload-directory
– Improvement of variable names, so it’s also n00b proof 😉
– Export functionality
– Last file-editor name
– Etc…

For cool interfaces you should contact Sitecore. But for functionality, just contact me 😛

I wrote it in the namepase Sitecore.Diagnostics. So I guess it’s also on the good place.

Download it here and enjoy! Merry X-mas by the way.

2 thoughts on “Media Library… cool if the files are also ‘cool’”

  1. seems necessary!
    would appreciate a XAML-App with sitecore package for this 🙂


  2. Hi Alex,

    Could you please let me know, how can i alert message for uploading duplicate files/images in media library.
    (Need to restrict the user not to add files/images which are already uploaded in media library).. Thanks in advance.


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