Wednesday, SiteCore Hell day?!

What a day! Just finished work, correction, just home! Real work will start ;).
It was around 12 o’clock that one of our managers called me on my cellphone. Till that moment I was working on the documentation of a quite big replication-process which I’ve configured last 2 nights and some other (smaller stuff) for the same customer(server movement, software upgrades, etc :P).
Manager: “Then the call came in, big customer X does have a serious problem.”
Me: “Uhhm… urr… Well, quite busy at the moment.”
Manager: “But documents, pictures and even items aren’t displayed!”
Me(looks at the Customer’s website): “Hell, buuttt… I can see it works, check you mail dude! Here’s the link…”
Manager: “Definitelly not! Check your mail”
[Another 25 links where sent]
Me: “Can’t do anything remote and I’m also very busy… It is already plannend that I’ll go to that customer this Friday, so be calm!”
Manager: “Urrr urrr urrr”

Three hours later… Big boss comes in:
BB: “You really have to go to customer X!”
Me: “But have to finish this stuff today.”
BB: “The nicest part of my position is that I can make those decisions.”
Me: “Aight, but… I’ve got a lil’ problem… :P”

Together with the Big Boss in his super cool car to Customer X 😀 :D:
Me: “Quite nice car”
BB: “The car isn’t the problem, the problem today is the solution for X ;)”

Finally I was at Customer’s X office. There they explained me the problem:
The staging module of SiteCore does not puiblish correct and some parts(like some items) aren’t diplayed as well, or are only diplayed for 50%.
Customer: “Can you analyse the problems? Can you give us some options to fix the problem and can you fix it afterwards? Thank you! We knew we could count on LECTRIC.”
Me: “Uhhhmm yes uhhmmm yes!”

Finally I figured out that publishing didn’t looked like that was the problem. The problem of the last Staging module is quite simple: the webservice doesn’t remember the user’s session(Logged Out directly after Logging In), so the files doesn’t retrieve the right rights.
Now the second part.. All the items are available in all databases. But some pictures and linked media-items aren’t displayed, the whole field is an empty object(value string.Empty, innerXml, outerXml, etc.) and guess what.., these files(in the media library) are also unavailable on the current server. Because the Staging isn’t working… remember… 😉
Last but not least: I forgot one detail. We are running there on SC 5.0.6.(1/2/x). Better known as SiteCore Bug Release ;). No it does work fine, actually, it did work fine for 2 months! And why fix the first SC5 site in the world, when notthing is really broken?
I have tomorrow to resolve this problem and tomorrow and because this friday and monday we have to extend their ‘Webfarm’ with another ‘Webfarm’.(keep in touch with the new licences :D) The next project will be, upgrading SiteCore… I hope…

Hope I can post the solution tomorrow…