Editting items in SC4

Yesterday, I played a lot with SiteCore 4. For some (mostly) preformence reasons, we decided to build one of the new sites in SC4.
One of our new guys, just got his first introduction to SiteCore last friday. His first task was creating a small poll module.
So I tried to help him out saving results in a content item. But it wouldn’t work so quickly. Finally I just said: I’ll firgure it out for you this damn weekend ;). So yesterday I started working on it, but after 2 hours of useless coding I quit and wrote an e-mail to support.

Here’s their answer:

IMasterItem itm = Sitecore.MasterFactory.GetItem( id );

if ( IsEmpty( itm.GetFieldValue( PUBLISH_FIELD_KEY )))


itm.GetLatestVersion().SetFieldValue( PUBLISH_FIELD_KEY, request.PublishIsoDate );



itm = null;


The only thing to do left is to publish the item. Guess that will not be the problem. ..

That’s it for now, tomorrow, I hope, more information about our first experiences with SC5 and FireBird.